The Future of Chemin de Fer Card Counting

The question being asked today is what will be the outlook of card counters in twenty-one. are the times of card counting over? Most believe so.

Automated shuffle machines are being utilized in casinos today which makes tracking shuffles or counting cards unlikely. The land-based casinos are going to place shuffling machines at the tables.

It’s believed that in places like vegas, surveillance cameras are being utilized to look at the skill of the players and smart blackjack tables that tracks gamblers hands and game plans using magnetic chips.

The Control Board in Nevada, an agency that protects fair gaming decided that casinos may not adjust the games in a way that would change the frequency of the payouts. Since then, many Nevada brick and mortar casinos instruct their croupiers to count cards and shuffle whenever they want, also a wide variety of betting houses retain information on card count, this information consists of names and photos to try and keep them away from the game.

So what will be the outcome of this blackjack "battle"? is it just beginning or will it before long reach an end? Regardless of all their newest technology, political and monetary affects, I have reason to believe there is still a hope for a happy result. With more than 25 states inside the US allowing black jack games, there are more money making opportunities for card counters than back in the good old days.

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